2012 Completed Research Projects - IIHMR Bangalore - Institute of Health Management Research, Bangalore (IIHMR)

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2012 Completed Research Projects – IIHMR Bangalore

NABH Consultancy for Premier Hospitals, Hyderabad

Agency: Premier Hospitals

Project Team: Dr. Sreenath Reddy, Dr. Dhirendra Kumar, Rishi Priyanka and Dr. Divya Desai

This project was to provide assistance in meeting the NABH requirements for Premier Hospital, Hyderabad. The Consultancy was offered at 5 phases. Phase 1 consisting of initial Gap Analysis, Phase 2 consisting of Awareness Program, System Design and Core Team, Phase 3 consisting of Documentation and Implementation NABH, Phase 4 consisting of Implementation Maturity Measurement and Phase 5 consisting of Accreditation Assistance from pre assessment stage to final assessment stage.

Evaluation of Special Newborn Care Units in Karnataka

Agency: UNICEF

Project Team: Dr. Manoj Kumar Gupta, Dr. Fehmida Visnegarwala, Dr. Sreenath Reddy, Dr. Dhirendra Kumar, Dr. Veena R, Dr. Srinath V

The Government of India has launched FBNC units to achieve the MDG 4 target, and to address the issue of neonatal deaths. As the SNCUs play a vital role in preventing the newborn deaths, and hence decreasing the IMR to a huge extent, it is imperative to monitor their performance and evaluate. The proposed project was jointly developed between IIHMR Society, UNICEF, India Country Office, the Govt. of Karnataka, NRHM have been able look into the above-mentioned challenges. The evaluation team comprised of neonatologists, pediatrician and public health personnel. The schedules were developed jointly with IHMR-B and UNICEF. The team evaluated all the functioning 32 SNCUs in Karnataka. 6 SNCUs were evaluated in a comprehensive manner for the infection control components of the units.

World Vision India Models of Learning Project-Final Evaluation

Agency: World Vision India, Chennai

Project Team: Dr. Varun Sharma, Dr. Fehmida Visnegarwala, Dr. Sreenath Reddy, Dr. Veena R, Dr. Srinath V

To strengthen Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) India had implemented a model pilot of community-led-care, primarily through support of Community Care Coalitions (CCC) under the Model of Learning Project Area Development Programme (ADP). The Project was initiated in West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh India in 2007 and a baseline survey was conducted in 2009 to bring out issues related to OVC and PLHIV in the study area. The CCC model sensitized the community regarding the issues related to OVC and PLHIV by disseminating information about HIV in the community. The programme was implemented successfully with the help of different stakeholders in the CCC. IHMR B as a third party evaluator assessed the effectiveness of CCC model in the intervention site to reduce stigma and discrimination against PLHIV and OVC to enhance quality of life of intervention community. The study is an impact assessment of CCC model in the West Godavari two mandals. The study was based on the primary data collected through a field survey with an interview schedule to capture the quantitative information. Qualitative assessment to support the quantitative information was collected with the help of Focused Group Discussions (FGDs) and In-depth Interviews of key informants

JSS Hospital Manpower Planning

Agency: JSS Hospital, Mysore

Project Team: Dr. K.S. S. Rao, Dr. G.V. Nagaraj, Dr. Sreenath Reddy, DrFehmida Visnegarwala, Dr. Bhavana Naik, Dr. Veena

Manpower is one of the most important resources utilized in an organization to achieve its objectives. In most of the hospitals, manpower consumes about  60% of its budget. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that the manpower is utilized optimally. IHMR-Bangalore assessed existing manpower and its efficiency in the currently functioning 1150 bedded JSS hospital in Mysore through a series of interaction and work assessment. IHMR team comprising of experts in the healthcare sector estimated the manpower requirements for their upcoming 1680 bedded hospital, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the staff to better the performance and the reputation of the hospital.

ISO Certification of PHCs Managed by Karuna Trust

Agency: Karuna Trust

Project Team: Dr. Fehmida Visnegarwala, Dr. Sreenath Reddy, Dr. Srinath V, Ms.Jincy

The ISO Certification of the PHCs was decided to be carried out in 2 phases. The 2nd Phase was to be conducted after a gap analysis was done, in order to understand the requirements of the PHCS for ISO Certification and the feasibility to go for the same. 1st Phase: Preliminary Gap Analysis of the 13 PHCs located at different districts of Karnataka An Agreement for the Phase I was entered on 6th July 2nd Phase: ISO Certification Assistance The 1st Phase Comprises of 5 steps:

Checklist Preparation
Visit to the PHC
Preliminary Gap Analysis
Preliminary Gap Analysis Report Preparation
Preliminary Gap analysis Report Presentation

The First phase is been completed by the team of IHMR-B.

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