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2013 Completed Research Projects – IIHMR Bangalore

Emergency Response Services (EMRI Model) 108, In State Of Karnataka: An Evaluation Study

Agency: Karnataka Health and Family Welfare Society

Project Team: Dr. Sreenath Reddy, Dr. Manoj Kumar Gupta, Dr. Dhirendra Kumar, Dr. Reshmi R, Dr. Veena R, Dr. Divya Desai, Dr.Yashodha T.C., V. Srinath

The Evaluation of Emergency Response System (EMRI Model) 108 in the state of Karnataka was carried out by IHMR Bangalore on behalf of the Directorate of Health and Family Welfare, Karnataka. The evaluation study was carried out for 6 months in ten selected districts of Karnataka. The Evaluation process involved quantitative and qualitative evaluation involving analysis of secondary data, field visits, surveying of the facilities in-charges at the health center through checklists, interaction with the beneficiaries through focus group discussion and community survey, and interaction with other stakeholders. Recommendations for the scheme were made based on the study findings. With this study, an attempt to understand the functioning of the programme on field, its success and failures, gaps and ways to address them and to suggest improvement was made. The evaluation aimed at strengthening the programme and also help build systematic linkages so as to maximize health outcomes from this scheme.

Arogya Bandhu – Scheme for Involving Private Medical Colleges and Other Agencies in the Management of PHCs: An Evaluation Study

Agency: Karnataka Health and Family Welfare Society

Project Team: Dr. Manoj Kumar Gupta, Dr. Sreenath Reddy, Dr. Dhirendra Kumar, Dr. Reshmi R, Dr. Veena R, Dr.Yashodha T.C., Dr. Divya Desai, Dr. V. Srinath

Karnataka is a pioneer of innovative schemes in many spheres including health. One such innovative scheme is Arogya Bandhu a Public Private Partnership (PPP) launched in July 2008. The Private Medical Colleges, Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Trusts and other charitable institutions and Philanthropic Organisations, etc., were provided an opportunity to join hands with the Government for providing better health care to the community. This is a Karnataka Health and Family Welfare Society funded project under the aegis of Directorate of Health and Family Welfare. This study was entrusted to IHMR-B with an intention to evaluate the impact of Arogya bandhu scheme in terms of its benefits after its implementation, to evaluate physical and financial performance of PHCs under Arogya Bandhu Scheme across the state, to understand the involvement of PHC in community based approach for conducting regular surveys and maintenance of records as per the guidelines of state and central governments. The study also aimed at finding out the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) of the scheme by highlighting the opinion of the community about the health services provided by the PHCs. The study was conducted in 52 PHCs spread across 26 districts (one Arogya bandhu PHC and one government run PHC as counterfactual from each district) of the state of Karnataka.

National Health Survey in 4 Southern States

Agency: IIHMR Jaipur

Project Team: Dr Manoj Kumar Gupta, Dr Sreenath Reddy, Dr Dhirendra Kumar, Dr Veena R, Dr Reshmi RS, Dr Yashoda, Mr Umesh C

The study was intended to assess the socioeconomic status, perception and attitude about the use of technology for health services, health seeking behavior, perception about public and private health facilities and level of satisfaction of community regarding availed health services from public health facilities in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Orissa and Tamilnadu.

Technology Adoption Survey among Health care providers

Agency: IIHMR Jaipur

Project Team:Dr Manoj Kumar Gupta, Dr Sreenath Reddy, Dr Dhirendra Kumar, Dr Veena R, Dr Yashoda, Mr Umesh C

This study was carried out among the healthcare providers to identify the prevailing trends, barrier to adoption and future trends & expectations on uses of technology in medical practice and to assess their perception and attitude for the adoption of technology in healthcare services.

Implementation of ISO Guidelines for 13 Primary Health Centers of Karuna Trust in Karnataka

Agency: Karuna Trust

Project Team: Dr. Sreenath Reddy, Dr. Divya Desai

The project involved streamlining and operationalizing the ISO norms in the 13 Primary Health Centers to facilitate the ISO certification status of these PHCs. IHMR is actively involved in providing expertise in ISO guidelines implementation in the form of gap analysis, designing forms and formats, preparing and reviewing SOPs and quality manuals, internal audits and capacity building which helps in achieving continuous quality improvement in PHCs. The focus of the project was to strengthen the present operations at the PHC by redesigning the systems, training of the staff about the standard quality management practices and developing proper supervisory and monitoring mechanisms and facilitating the PHCs to get ISO certification.

Midline Evaluation of the Urban Health Center project in under PPP Model

Agency: NRHM Orissa

Project Team: Dr Manoj Kumar Gupta, Dr. Dhirendra Kumar, Dr. V. Srinath

National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), Orissa selected IHMR, Bangalore to carry out evaluation of the Urban Health Center managed by three of the NGOs(MY-HEART, OVHA and FPAI) under Public Private Partnership (PPP) model in four wards of slums coming under the Municipality area of Bhubaneswar. IHMR Team carried out the Evaluation for seven days covering all the three urban Health Center in the slums managed by the three NGOs. The Evaluation proces involved Quantitative and Qualitative evaluation involving Analysis of Secondary Data provided by the NGOs, Field Visit, Surveying of the facilities in the Health Center through Checklists, Interaction with the Beneficiaries through Focus Group Discussion, and interaction with other stakeholders like the Corporate and the Municipal health Commissioner through In-Depth Interview. Based on the findings from the Evaluation, a Draft Evaluation Report was prepared including the recommendations, and has been submitted to the PPP cell of NRHM Orissa for approval.

Assessment of functioning of Male Health Workers in Rural Karnataka

Agency: KSHRSC, GoK

Project Team: Dr. Manoj Kumar Gupta, Dr.Sreenath Reddy, Dr.Dhirendra Kumar, Dr. Veena R, Dr Reshmi RS

The main objective of this study was to assess the level of task performance of Male Health Workers (MHWs) in providing various community health services. A total of 6 districts have been selected 2 from each category A, B & C. From the list of the enumeration of all Primary Health Centers (PHCs) in the selected districts, 2 PHCs were selected by simple random sampling. Four sub centres (SCs) attached with the selected PHCs were included in the study. Male Health Workers posted in these sub centers were interviewed to assess their level of knowledge and skill of work. Respective health assistants and PHC medical officers were also interviewed to seek opinion about the performance and job behaviour of these health worker males. Final Report of the project has been submitted.

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