2018 Completed Research Projects - IIHMR Bangalore - Institute of Health Management Research, Bangalore (IIHMR)

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2018 Completed Research Projects – IIHMR Bangalore

Validation of Mobile Medical Unit’s Safety Manual                 

Team Members: Dr. Usha Manjunath, Dr. Kumari Shweta, Dr. Mallikarjun Reddy

Funding Agency: Piramal Swasthya Management and Research Institute, Hyderabad.

IIHMR Bangalore validated the Mobile Medical Van safety manual, which would play a vital role in education and training of Mobile Medical Van staff/team for ensuring the utmost safety of the van, equipment, personnel and service provisioning. The processes of review and manual revision consisted of the following processes: 1. Review of the current/existing manual 2. Compare with best practices at National and International level (safety manual features) and 3. Cross consultations with Industry Experts for inputs on guidelines. Gaps identified included those of patient safety, staff safety and legal/operational adherence mechanisms. Gaps were filled based on inputs from the field/experts, literature review, National and International guidelines. The final version of the validated model was submitted to Piramal Swasthya after three iterations with Piramal Swashya team lead of the project.

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