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2018 Completed Research Projects – IIHMR Bangalore

Consultancy Project:

Status Evaluation and Strategic Directions for Shri. B.D. Tatti Memorial Charitable Trust, Laxmeshwar, Gadag: School for Deaf Children

Consultant: Dr. Usha Manjunath

Shri. B.D. Tatti School for the deaf children is a residential school located in Laxmeshwar in Gadag district. The School was established in 1997 and currently has 300 students from 1 to 10th Standard. Under the Charitable Trust a number of related work in rehabilitation has also been going on. With a view to achieve better scholastic performance among deaf children, a pre-school programme for the deaf children was initiated. Dr. Usha Manjunath is an independent consultant to assess the present status of the School including Educational Programmes, School System and arrive at a SWOT analysis. Based on the evaluation strategic goals will be developed on Programmatic interventions for deaf education in order to enhance scholastic achievements, empower deaf young people to achieve economic empowerment, communication and integration into the community, Streamline and enhance Deaf Pre-School Program interventions with current professional knowledge on Communication development and holistic development of young children and Long term plans on vocational, job skills and economic empowerment of deaf children in the region with inclusive education and growth.

Market Research for innovative ophthalmic equipments Digital Gonio Camera and Digital Slit Lamp

Consultant: Dr. Usha Manjunath

Market sensing and product strategy research was carried out for Digital Gonio Camera and Digital Slit Lamp which are a part of innovation product research by Dr. H. V. Srinivas, Ophthalmologist, CEO of Lumisoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd He is developing Digital Gonio Camera and Digital Slit Lamp with a Biotechnology Ignition Grant-2015 BIRAC, GoI, on A Gonioscope without a slit lamp. Market research approach included a sample of ophthalmologists and optometrists for Portable Digital Slit Lamp and ophthalmologists for Portable Digital Gonio Camera. Both Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities were included. Wide variety of hospitals were covered: small clinics, small to large eye care hospitals, government hospitals, teaching hospitals (medical college), chain of eye care hospitals and departments in tertiary care hospitals. A total of 200 optometrists and ophthalmologists were contacted, and we received 142 responses (including both products). 60 respondents participated for survey on Portable Digital Gonio Camera and 82 responded in survey for Portable Digital Slit Lamp. Market research report was submitted in January 2018 upon completion. Dr. Sarala, Assistant Professor of IIHMR, Bangalore supported in field study for the market survey.

Develop and Design a Project Implementation strategy for Efficient distribution of Double Fortified Salt in Madhya Pradesh

Agency: The India Nutrition Initiative, New Delhi

Consultant: Dr. Manjunatha R

Iron Deficiency Anaemia (IDA) and Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD) are significant health problems affecting the people of India and of Madhya Pradesh. WHO estimates indicate the prevalence of anaemia in developed and developing countries in pregnant women at 14% in developed and 51% in developing countries and 65-75% proportion of cases are prevalent in India alone. Government of Madhya Pradesh has decided to supplement the existing efforts of reducing iron deficiency anaemia and iodine deficiency through a State-wide intervention to provide high-quality Double Fortified Salt (DFS) to the consumers of the state to help promote public health and alleviate malnutrition, by addressing anaemia and micronutrient deficiencies. DFS means Double Fortified Salt. A form of table salt manufactured to contain iron and iodine, can fight off anaemia and iron deficiency disorders. The merit of this technology is that the vehicle used for fortification, namely salt, is universally consumed by all segments including the poor among whom anaemia is much more prevalent. A detailed program implementation strategy was undertaken to achieve the objective of efficient distribution of DFS in the State through Public Distribution System


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