Elective Course on Public Health Nutrition - Institute of Health Management Research, Bangalore (IIHMR)

Admission open for PGDM(MBA) - 2021-23 +91-9663866011 Toll Free : 1800-572-2728 Apply Now

Elective Course on Public Health Nutrition

Jointly organized by
IIHMR, Bangalore and IIHMR University, Jaipur




The course is designed to impart basic understanding on public health nutrition and enhance knowledge and skills for practice. The curriculum includes public health nutrition; its role and scope in India; food and nutrition security; interactive nature of nutrition-infection-disease management; triple burden of malnutrition and nutrition policies and programs. It also integrates the key knowledge about nutrition throughout the life cycle; assessment of nutritional status and nutrition education & health promotion.


The objectives of the course are to integrate basic knowledge while enhancing skills of public health nutrition among participants.The course intends to sensitize the social development sector professionals for meeting the challenges of nutrition and health.

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