Republic India: The Hopeful Path Ahead

Dr. Ragini Sharma (PGDM 2022-24)

“To find us, you must be good
To catch us, you must be fast
But to beat us? You must be kidding!”

-Major Somnath Sharma
(4th Battalion, Kumaon Regiment)

On the occasion of the 74th Republic Day, let us take a moment and reflect on our legacy and talk about the hopeful way forward. We have all grown up listening to so many heart-warming stories about our motherland. And it is without a doubt a fact that there is no land in the world with a richer legacy than India.
But now is the time to focus on the conquest that lies ahead. India has taken centre stage in the world now. And it is now our responsibility to work not as an individual but as Indians to make our country proud.
Hard work, patriotism, and faith are in our blood, all we need is to rekindle the fire within us and once again take up the mantle to create a path forward for ourselves and the generations that will follow.
While there is no doubt that the way ahead is long and has its own challenges. But what is a journey without a little adventure? And when have we Indians ever backed down from a challenge?
So let us now take a vow and work tirelessly to carry forward the great legacy that our forefathers have left for us. Let us show the world that WE have arrived and WE are not backing down.
With this, I would like to urge everyone to find just one reason to stick around a little longer. To find just one reason to do something and give back to our motherland. Let us join hands and work together to once again make it the “Sone ki Chiriya”.

Happy Republic Day. Jai Hind!!


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