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Ignited Minds Episode 4
Effective Stress Management During Covid-19 Pandemic
Control strategy of Covid-19 pandemic in the year 2021
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Demystifying Covid-19:The Opportunities and Coping Strategies in Healthcare Industry
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In talk with Mr. Krishnamurthy Venkateswaran Ignited Minds @ IIHMR-Bangalore
"Next-Gen Technologies in Pharma Sector"-IIHMR Bangalore
Industry Academia Dialogues - Pharma & Healthcare Management-Landscape of Vaccine & Drug Discovery
Emerging Trends in Pharma Sector - IIHMR Bangalore
Decoding Healthcare sector
Demystifying COVID 19: The pandemic, opportunities and coping strategies!
Opportunities in Healthcare Industry for Engineering Students -IIHMR Bangalore
Healthcare expert at IIHMR Bangalore | Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty, Founder & Chairman of Narayana Health