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Social media use in healthcare is rapidly increasing, and many organizations and start-ups in healthcare are investing heavily in promoting their products online. Many customers use social media to express their views, concerns, and feedback about healthcare services openly of social media. The data on social media is open to all users. The large and free data on social media can be harnessed by decision-makers in the healthcare industry.
IIHMR Bangalore workshop on “Sentiment Analysis in Healthcare” focuses on using sentiment analysis (a type of data mining used to evaluate, identify and quantify the opinion or emotions behind a string of texts.) to analyse and interpret the data on social media. The 2-hour workshop will focus on web scrapping data from various tools, data preparation for sentiment analysis, using google collab for undertaking sentiment analysis and interpretation of the analysis.

Workshop Fees
Fees: 500/-

Workshop Schedule:
16th July 2022: 5.00 pm -6.30 pm

Dr. Akash Prabhune
Assistant Professor, IIHMR Bangalore.

Healthcare organizations are staffed by medical and non-medical personnel at almost equal proportions. For effective teamwork and collaborative patient care. Healthcare communication stands to be key pillar. However, the non-medical staff like front office, billing, customer relationship managers, support staff, insurance desk are constrained in comprehension and interpersonal relations for the simple reasons that they fail to follow medical terminologies and jargons which is used by doctors and nurses across various departments within a hospital. This is an important induction topic for every recruit into hospital/ clinic.

This short program shall help over the obstacle and enable staff to perform better.


• To familiarize, spell and pronounce medical terms.
• Understand the origin, composition and meaning of medical language.
• Analyse medical records
• Follow and interpret abbreviations and medical instructions/ directions.
• Medical terminology used in diseases, diagnostic test and surgical procedures.

Programme Fee

INR 4000 (plus 18% GST) per person for participants from India and its equivalent in US Dollars for participants from other countries.

Program Schedule

2nd – 4th June 2022

Program Director

1. Dr. Chetana M S
Adjunct Professor, IIHMR Bangalore
Consultant- Operations & Quality
Motherhood Chain of Hospitals, Bangalore

2. Dr Naganand K A
Deputy Head- Medical Services
Kauvery Hospitals, Electronic City, Bangalore

Healthcare analytics is a developing field with a focus on building cross-linkages between the databases available across the public domain, government databases, large survey databases. The high computational power has enabled the use of non-linear modelling for healthcare data analytics to establish multisectoral linkages for understanding systems-level factors affecting the implementation of public healthcare programs. The policymakers, public health leaders are presented with the analysis using AI/ML techniques, it becomes imperative to understand the methodology, interpret the statistical findings for decision making. Traditionally healthcare research was confined to linear analysis techniques with the assumption of data being uniformly distributed. The cross-sectoral and multisectoral linkages to healthcare necessitate overviewing healthcare issues with broader scope and optimizing the healthcare delivery through evidence back findings.

Programme Fee
INR 25,000/- (including GST) per person for participants from India and its equivalent in US Dollars for participants from other countries.
Early Bird Discount
Nominations received with payments on or before May 30th, 2022, will be entitled to an early bird Discount of 10%. Early Bird Fee INR 22,500/- (including GST)
Group Discount
Group Discount of 5% percentage can be availed for a group of 3 or more participants when nominations received from the same organization.

Program Schedule:
Program starts from 1st August 2022

Program Director:
Dr Akash Gajanan Prabhune
Assistant Professor IIHMR Bangalore

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