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Dr. Richa Singh BPT, PGDM

CEO & Founder

Perfect Bounce Healthcare

Batch: 2020-2014

Specialisation: Hospital Management

Dr. Richa Singh worked as a successful physiotherapist for five years until she realised her desire to do more. During MasterStroke, a teatime conversation with the alumni of IIHMR Bangalore (PGDHM 2012-14 batch) held on May 15th, 2020, Dr. Richa shared her dreams, wanting to do something different, she started her own company, Perfect Bounce, in HSR layout, Bangalore.

While answering a volley of questions during MasterStrokes, such as what shaped her ideas, what gave her the confidence to become an entrepreneur, etc., Dr Richa responded that choosing a postgraduate programme in Hospital Management at IIHMR Bangalore gave her the edge. Courses like Medical Terminology, Health Insurance, Patient Care Management, Organisation Behaviour and internships helped fine-tune her managerial and leadership skills. The faculty and her peers were supportive; she could work part-time, attend classes, and work on assignments.

Now running her own company, Perfect Bounce, for physiotherapy rehabilitation and pain management, successfully, she looks back at her two-year programme at IIHMR Bangalore with fondness and says teamwork, multiple assignments, hospital visits, friends, teachers, life in Bangalore all worked out to be just perfect. She is now a motivational speaker for college students and school kids. Dr. Richa leads a fulfilling professional life by giving back to the community through physiotherapy camps in her hometown in Bihar and conducting online therapy during COVID-19.

Dr Richa said Bangalore is a metro city, and choosing Bangalore for pursuing a Master’s in Hospital and Health Management has an added benefit. All major corporate hospitals, healthcare IT companies and NGOs are in Bangalore. Choosing healthcare management is not a problem, but one should be decisive, commit to working hard, avoid getting confused, and plan to become an entrepreneur later. To answer the questions from the participants on placements, Dr Richa said IIHMR Bangalore provided 100% placement support and highlighted that there are more vacancies than the number of students, but one has to perform well. She further added that she was clear about becoming an entrepreneur, prioritised her options, and began her own physiotherapy company.

In conclusion, Dr. Richa highlighted that two years of college studies at IIHMR Bangalore will shape one’s career choice and life. Therefore, one should begin analysing themselves, define their SWOT and make the choice.

Source: MasterStroke-1 IIHMR Alumni Series

Hosted by: Dr Isha and Dr Akash Sharma (PGDM Students 2019-21)

Organised by: IIHMR Bangalore