Addressing the gaps in notification of Tuberculosis cases: A contribution of private providers’ perspective- Dr Hira Malik

Private health sector plays an important role in the health system of India. Active participation of private providers has been perceived to be necessary for improved service delivery. However, in spite of their dominant presence in Indian health care, challenges in terms of notification have been observed. This study aims at addressing the gaps in the execution of the mandatory notification and is extended in the perspectives of private providers. It tries to capture private providers’ perspective towards their involvement in TB control programmed as well as their recommendations to improve the services.

The study was carried out in Bangalore. Data collection was done by interviewing 30 private providers using a semi- structured questionnaire and a descriptive design. The data generated was in the qualitative form.

Our study found that the Private Providers are considered to be an integral part of the TB elimination program. Nevertheless, they face various challenges in the process of notification. This can be a possible reason for weakened policy and challenge in the quality of service delivery.  Private Providers are crucial for the success of TB programs in India. However, the relationship requires to be supported and their position in the program needs to be strengthened.



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