ADMIRE-Centre for Advancing Digital Healthcare

Focus Areas

Advancing Digital Healthcare, Management, Innovation, Research & Entrepreneurship (ADMIRE)- Centre for Advancing Digital Healthcare focus on


Digital Health Education

Scope of digital health education is to develop advance trainings programs in digital healthcare space, for healthcare industry professionals, Pharma Analytics, IT, and Bioinformatics


Scope is to promote syndicated research initiatives in Digital Healthcare services including Telemedicine, AI based Biomedical Devices, Clinical Research, Database Management, digital health and business transformation.

Simulation Lab

Scope is to build a simulation centre to promote Digital Healthcare (EMR simulation; Telemedicine Experience Lab etc), BLS/ACLS/ATLS/PALS, virtual patient monitoring. Ventilation training and other virtual simulation based upskilling programs.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Scope is to Collaborate with industry leaders, Healthcare Providers, MedTech & Health-Tech leaders, Department of Health, Medical Education and Pharma to bring onboard the intellectual capabilities to promote entrepreneurship and Incubation.

ADMIRE-Centre for
Advancing Digital Healthcare Focus Areas