Impact of Multimedia During the Pandemic in Creating Awareness among the Elderly Population. -Ms. Samriddhi Srivastava

A study was conducted among the elderly population in three states respectively Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand and Nagaland with the objective of assessing the COVID19 information source and assessing the behavior change and its psychological effect. Data was collected through the telephone conversation with questionnaire method and the demographic data revealed that highest percentage (88.1%) of people were using television as the source of media information which shows their belief or myths on COVID19. Majority (94%) of people revealed that they are aware about higher risk of contacting the new virus and about 89% of people trust the information provided by the media, and where 11% said ‘No’ because the information provided by the media may not be reliable and more than 99% of people were following the home remedies and precautious methods that are entrusted by medias.
And most of them expressed that television is the major source of this information, nearly 36% of people were found in stress and panic due to overloading of media information and majority of them responded that they do watch movies and sleep to overcome this panic situation. The hypertension and diabetes are the major health problem among them and majority of them were able to get their medications regularly even during lockdown. Thus, it can be concluded that the majority of them were trusting the media information’s and do following them in daily basis, and they were aware about COVID19 precautious methods and some were ended in stress and panic due to over exaggerated news.


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