Analysis of Client Satisfaction Survey in a Home Healthcare Organization Ms. Golla Rachana

A descriptive study is conducted to analyze the Client Satisfaction Survey in a Home Healthcare Organization. The ideal patient experience/satisfaction is based on aspects like convenience, customer service and staff attitude. Client perspectives about level of care can result in feedback which is useful for improving quality of services. Retrospective data is collected from Exit interview forms for the clients who got terminated (service taken and ended) the service during the period of February 2019 to March 2020. A study with convenient sampling that includes all the clients who have been taken the service and terminated. There are about totally 110 clients were terminated, where data is available for only 94 clients (response rate is 85%). The Exit interview/feedbacks were collected through phone call to the clients who took service and got terminated. These feedback forms are with 11 parameters in that some are judged over 3-point scale and some are over 2-point scale were used to capture the level of satisfaction of clients. Analysis of client satisfaction reveals that ever since from the start of home healthcare services by the company in Bangalore, cumulatively the services provided by the organization exceeds the client’s expectation is 5%, meets the expectations is 85.4%, and below the expectation is 9.6%. But Home healthcare service providers need valid and reliable patient satisfaction scale. Framework of patient satisfaction is still at their early developmental stage and partial information will not allow us to identify the areas which require improvement. However, as organization is in its early stage of it providing services to penetrate into home healthcare market


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