Different protective measures taken by exclusive Covid 19 hospitals to reduce the spread of covid 19 Among healthcare workers. -Dr. B Sravanthi

Covid-19 pandemic is the defining global health crisis of our time and greatest challenge the world is facing since World War II. Globally the number of confirmed cases with this disease account to 3.0 million and number of deaths are around 217769 as on 30th April 2020. This pandemic has affected almost every country making the world stand still and shredded the world economy by preventive measures like lockdown. Since this being a contagious disease the growing potential of this infection is exponential affecting the health care burden of the community and getting scarce of its facilities. Owing to the severity of the disease, WHO has announced Covid-19 as pandemic on 11th March 2020 and advised all governments of various countries to take preventive measures to fight against this disease.
Hence, as a health care professional and having clinical experience as a dentist I found this topic to be more interesting in the current scenario to interpret severity of the disease and various measures taken by governments across the world to prevent the spread of this disease among health care professionals as this community is at highest risk.


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