Learn How to Care for a COVID-19 Positive Patient at Home

The initial step for taking care of a COVID-19 patient at home, as per the professionals, is to keep them in absolute isolation. The experts further suggest the patient reside in an appropriately ventilated and different place with a bathroom that is devoted just for the patient.
However, you need to understand a significant point to treat a patient exclusively at home, and one needs to have a separate living space and bathroom only for the patient. The minimum recommended time for home isolation is 17 days, wherein 10 days are for treatment and the other 7 days are for post-COVID inspection to check if the patient has any symptoms left or is good to go.
The WHO has carefully put together a checklist for taking precautions to be safe from Coronavirus. They tweeted about the same:

Source: WHO Twitter

What all do you need to keep in a while treating a COVID-19 patient at home?

Liquid Intake

A healthcare professional shared her experience of treating a patient at home. She specifically shared that while taking care of a COVID-19 patient at home, the caregiver must particularly emphasize the patient’s liquid intake. She said that being hydrated is particularly significant for quicker recovery from COVID-19. In conjunction with adequate hydration, the doctor suggests a healthy diet rich in proteins and vitamins. Apart from a proper and nutritious meal, it is required to have sufficient rest in order to get back on track. It is further suggested to follow strict hygiene while taking care of a COVID-19 patient at home.

Sleep well

Ensure good and regular sleep for COVID – 19 patients. Complete rest along with exercise is important.

Regular Medicines

Take medications prescribed by your doctors regularly. Eat well, take enough fruits and vegetables regularly to keep your immune system active.

Family Members BEWARE!

It is highly recommended that the family members follow their own health to check if they are not affected by the Coronavirus. They can check their health by monitoring their vital parameters such as heart rate, temperature, and oxygen level at least twice in a day. In any case, the family members detect any matching symptoms, and they are advised to take the doctor’s opinion or get tested.

Homecare COVID-19 Patients – Checklist for Caregivers

  • Always wear a mask when in the patient’s room
  • Clean or wash your hands frequently
  • Disinfect your home, and the patient’s room, as well as any touched, surfaced regularly
  • Monitor your health regularly by checking your temperature as well as oxygen levels
  • Use dedicated utensils for patients and you, mind you don’t use them again before washing thoroughly with hot water or sanitizer.

You should consult a doctor as soon as possible when you have the following symptoms:

  • Breathlessness
  • Falling Oxygen Levels
  • Nails and lips turning blue
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Drowsiness or mental confusion


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