Prerequisites for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing presently utilized by almost all the organizations. In this blog I would like to write about the prerequisite in Digital Marketing from a TECHNICAL PERSPECTIVE – Hardware, Software and Social Media.

In my view, it may be broadly categorized into 7 different concepts. They are :

  1. Hardware & Software / with Internet Connectivity
  2. Behavior of the Person (Digital Marketer)
  3. Application Knowledge
  4. Tools to be learned.
  5. Join in Multiple forums / Groups & register to access free newsletter.
  6. Trending information
  7. Track progress and measure success

Let us look at the details.

  1. Hardware & Software / with Internet Connectivity: STAY TECHSAVVY!
    • Good configuration laptop (May be min i5 8thGen/8 GB RAM / Enough Back up Memory System
    • Application Software – Word/PPT/Excel/File Format Converters / Apps / etc.
    • Designing tools – Photoshop/Corel Draw / Canvas for Website Banner/Posting in social Media, etc.
  2. Behavior of the Person (Digital Marketer): POSITIVITY PAYS!
    • Creativity, enthusiasm, and zeal are key to success.
    • Interest level should be always high.
    • Enthusiastic in working for the objective of an organization.
    • Open to critics, which will make to learn from the issues or challenges faced.
    • Understand your target audience.
    • Learning should be continuous process, should never postpone.
    • Loyalty and trustworthiness should be kept, while working as well as after leaving the organization for better opportunity.
  3. Application Knowledge: KNOW YOUR BUSINESS – IN AND OUT!
  4. You may be in any one of these or others……

    • Education
    • Banking
    • HealthCare
    • E-Commerce
    • Government
    • IT Company
    • Jewelry
    • Startups
    • ………….

    Here I am taking an example of ‘HEALTH CARE’ and providing some more information on how to prepare for ‘DIGITAL MARKETING’ of a Hospital.

    Since our focus into Healthcare, we should understand about the Healthcare System in detail.
    We should focus on the ‘core areas of operations.’ And understand who the ‘target market’ is. And What your PRODUCT/SERVICE is all about. Then CONTENT and DESIGN are developed. A digital marketer must work closely with the marketing and leadership team to understand the ‘USP’ – Unique Selling Proposition.

    • Hospital :
      • Services available
      • Workflow in the Hospital
      • Providers / Doctors / Specialist availability
      • Waiting time of the patient
      • Pricing and Packaging
      • Facilities available
      • Bed size (e.g.,200 beds)
      • Patients login to view their information.
  5. Tools to be practiced/learnt – DIGIMARKETING PLATFORM GALORE!
    • Website
      • Domain Name purchase
      • Web Hosting
      • Color and themes
      • Website Template design/selection
      • Content updating after approval from the CEO/MD/Head/etc
      • Frequent updating based on the requirement.
      • Online Chat – Ex: Chatbot
      • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Security purpose – https (Can use the free version – it’s your choice)
    • Social Media
      • Facebook – Should Create & have a Business Account.
        • Page
        • Account
        • Groups
        • Chat
      • Twitter
      • Instagram
      • Pinterest
      • Tumblr, etc
    • Professional Network
      • LinkedIn
        • Page
        • Account
        • Groups
        • Chat
    • WhatsApp
      • Web login
      • Mobile App
      • Broadcast / Groups / Bulk Message using Chrome app WA Sender.
      • Other possible chats – Signal / Telegram
    • Search Engines – How the search engine works? – BE THE FIRST IN CYBER SPACE!
      • Crawling – It accesses important and relevant information from a website.
      • Storing – aftercrawling, copies of website information are stored on search engine database servers.
      • Indexing – Search Engine processes the most searched information to indexing.
      • Ranking – Search Engines use their indices to rank order relevant results for queries.
    • SEM – Google Ads, Analytics & Webmaster tools
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – GOOGLE IS MOST PREFERRED IN INDIA!
      • ‘SEO is the process of improving your website to increase its visibility for relevant/related searches organically’.

    In simple terms, it means the process of improving your site to increase its visibility for relevant searches.

    • Understanding about the Search Engines
    • Many Search Engines exist – Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL
    • On Page Optimization – how a company manages its Website!
      • Title Tag
      • Description Tag
      • Header Tag
      • URL Structure
      • Breadcrumb Navigation
      • Web Content Optimization
      • Internal Linking
      • Footer Linking
      • xml
      • txt
      • 404 Broken Links
      • 301 Redirection
      • Alt tags
    • Off-page Optimization – Where a company can promote other than Website!
      • Directory submissions
      • Social bookmarking
      • Profile creations
      • Business profile creations
      • Blog commenting
      • Forum submissions
      • Article submissions
      • PDF submissions
      • Press release submissions.
      • Guest blogging
    • SMS Marketing – MESSAGING!
      (Source: https://www.corefactors.in/blog/what-is-dlt-registration/)

      • Distributed Ledger Technology – DLT Registration – Mandatory for bulk SMS.
      • DLT is a block-chain based registration system. According to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), telemarketers must be registered in the DLT platform.
      • TRAI has mandated registration in the public interest to control the SMS spam from various marketing firms.
      • The DLT platform keeps records of all the transactions made by the network participants.
      • It is mandatory as per the new TRAI regulations. Communication messages like OTP, verification codes, notification, etc sent by businesses to their customers need to be registered in the TRAI DLT platform.
      • There are multiple phases to implement the above regulation which mandated the use of blockchain-based technology known as DLT. Most of the telecom operators have already implemented the DLT system.
      • It is aimed at creating more transparency and reducing the incidence of spam and fraud done through SMS.
      • Key issue is taking of special measures to offer regulatory compliant solutions in-line with TRAI rules and regulations to create a more transparent system for communication. It enables you to send SMS to your leads directly through automation.
    • ORM – Online Reputation Management
      • “Online reputation management (ORM) is the practice of crafting strategies that shape, or influence the public perception of an organization, individual or other entity on the Internet. It helps drive public opinion about a business or an institution and its products and services.”
      • To maintain the reputation, teams will need to have members with social media and customer service experience. Good reputation means having prompt, polite, and helpful responses to any criticism. It also means being aware of what the public is saying about the institution, why they are saying it, and how it can be transitioned into a positive conversation if it is not already. And because online correspondence can often be ambiguous, it is important that team members that talk to customer receive or have access to some professional communication training.
    • Deliverables:
      • Replying to comments, feedback related to your company.
      • Reporting negative feedback to the Top Management
      • Increasing discussion about the Company on different portals like:
        • Quora
        • Yahoo
        • Google Reviews
        • And another website
      • Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is the process by which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products. The affiliate simply searches for a product they enjoy, then promotes that product and earns a piece of the profit from each sale they make. The sales are tracked via affiliate links from one website to another.

    Source: https://www.bigcommerce.com/blog/affiliate-marketing/#what-is-affiliate-marketing

    • Blogs
      • Blog grabs the attention of audience to land on the website. Blog is the primary source to find information and gain knowledge. It will regularly let students land on our blog to consume the information about current affairs and trends in education. The blog posts can be written by different persons related to the company. For e.g., for a college – it can be the educational institution, faculty, and students at the college. The blog helps to stay ahead in the industry besides grabbing the prospects and convincing students. It is crucial for you to encourage faculty, alumni, experts and students to post blogs regularly, since this help to come up with new content everything that is interesting for the audience to read. We need to search for what the current trends are in the educational sector and must update the blog on a regular basis to engage the readers.
      • Focus on:
        • Creation of a WordPress blog and updating it regularly.
        • Linking or inter-connecting the Blog with your company website will enhance visibility.
        • Helps in SEO as well as increase readership.
        • Should keep writing/updating the blogs, it should be the part of the Website Domain URL
    • Video ads
      • Possible sources of ads must be promoted – Ex: YouTube / Google
    • Designing
      • Photography & Videography must be done periodically, depends on promotional activities.
    • Competitor Analysis
      • Is very critical role, but we should understand our competitors.
    • Leads engagement / Conversion – Follow your leads and convert them to customers.
    • CRM – Customer Relationship Management
    • Feedback System
    • Remarketing
      • Engaging the existing customer, is very important and you can carry out promotional activities based on the feedback review system.
  6. Join in Multiple forums / Groups & Register to access free newsletters!
  7. Trending information
    • # tags
    • @ all possible leaders and key person of the organization
    • any others
  8. You must track progress and measure success – you can do it for each type of Digital Marketing Strategy.

    In Conclusion, do remember at some point of time, all your activities may be attacked / hacked / compromised in digital marketing forum. So, keep your passwords secret, do not share with anyone. Enable 2-way authentication for all the accounts. Keep resetting your password 3 months once.


    • Apply 5 Why’s Concept
    • Mind Mapping
    • Identify the flow of process!
    • List out all the issues, prioritize and solve them.
    • Stay Cool, Relax, help each other, and Celebrate.

    Finally, doing work is easy but handling the issues, conflicts, challenges, and troubles created by others is difficult, but one who knows how to handles the situation will grow better!!!

    Try to handle the situation, never try to handle the people.

Prepared by :

T.K. PradeepKumar,
DCE, B.Tech, MBA, ME
AP, Healthcare IT
IIHMR Bangalore


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