Upcoming Hospital Management Trends Of The Year 2020

Upcoming Hospital Management Trends Of The Year 2020

Hospital management is never constant. With the new discovery in medical science and simultaneous changes in hospital policies and treatment options, there is continuous turmoil in the hospital industry. Improvements and innovations in the industry tend to enable hospital professionals to manage their hospitals better and also serve the patients well.
These trends that develop from a financial, technical and economic standpoint find reflection and context in the Hospital Management domain.
One of the reasons that traditional healthcare methods are evolving is that many private clinics, hospitals, and healthcare centres are working on bettering the provision of services based on the latest evidence and technology in medical science. The most recent trends in the industry are mentioned below:

Day Care Services

Hospitals are providing day-care surgeries to the patients to make sure that the patients are not put through the difficulty of admission and time requirements if the procedure can result in no need for hospital admission such as when using the latest treatment techniques like keyhole surgery, etc. These techniques do not need the patient to be admitted to the hospital hence making it easy for the patient to get quality healthcare without disrupting their daily routine.


With the rising awareness among the patients regarding healthcare benchmarks, policies and quality, hospitals are inclined towards obtaining certifications such as JCI & NABH. Hospitals are also approaching expert organizations on consultancy arrangements towards improving the facilities. Moreover, mock audits on the quality services are also becoming a daily routine for quality management in the healthcare field.

Social Media Marketing

Many hospitals these days are maximizing their social media presence to reach more and more people through the internet. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Face book and Twitter are gaining a lot of attention in the current scenario. These also help healthcare organizations in spreading awareness regarding supportive services, counselling and providing instant online guidance to people looking for immediate healthcare services.

Use Of Latest Technology

The development of technology and reliance on evidence-based medicine is increasing when it comes to medical services. The advent of the latest technology makes it easier for hospitals to serve patients in the best possible way. The increasing use of non-medical technology also helps the hospitals a lot when it comes to the management of the hospitals. Record keeping is an area where technical developments are being witnessed in recent times and having the data stored in a digitized way helps the hospital streamline the service provision on a larger scale.

Electronic ICU (EICU)

Many hospitals are setting up eICU’s as there is sometimes a shortage of critical care service infrastructure for the patients. An eICU has high quality and latest equipment to assist the patients quickly and effectively as possible. Some of the examples of this initiative are seen in Fortis hospitals and Apollo Hospitals to name a few.

Patient-Driven Strategies

The core purpose of medical organizations is to ensure patients are in the best of health post-treatment. More and more hospitals are approaching these methods wherein they insist and follow-up the patient post-surgery to ensure they have had a complete post-surgery recovery and can do without any immediate medical assistance. Some hospitals have also developed patient portals to enable the patients to seek and answer their queries and dispel and doubts in the minds of the patients.


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