Why Healthcare Is The Next Big Industry?

Do you know the Healthcare industry in India is projected to reach $372 bn by 2022? It seems like a fun fact, but this is a truth discovered within the current situation and analysis.

Due to COVID-19, there has been an inevitable loss to several fields out of which medical line is the one. The Healthcare industry in India comprises hospitals, medical resources, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, and health insurance. Therefore, one can conclude how great this domain is to work.

For more excellent wage opportunities, job prospects, a secured future, and much more, the difference can be made here.

With the aspects of novel Coronavirus, Healthcare is the only industry that is going to expand through strengthening coverage, services, and expenditure for both the public and private sectors. Here are a few points that ensure healthcare is the next big thing and a great choice to join:

The ageing population in India

If we investigate the population graph of our country and the age demographics, it has been increasing since 1955. India stands globally at 2nd rank when it comes to population. Out of which, 6.38 per cent of people are over 65 years of age. This implies that the old age population in India still stands strong with traditional goodness.

According to the United Nations, older people count 60+ years of age in India are projected to increase by 20% until 2050. The ageing population does require medical facilities with age. Hence, we can conclude this will advance medical needs too for allowing seniors to live longer than before.

Diverse needs for ample opportunities

Healthcare is a vast sector with diverse opportunities in many areas. There are plenty of thriving medical jobs that require continuous education. Still, you can also start while being in healthcare management courses. The requirement of health service managers, hospital administrators, etc. are foreseen to grow 18% from 2018 to 2028, which is quite faster than the average of all occupations. Allowing people to work in hospitals, clinics, and government health centres while pursuing further education in nursing, higher managerial services, patient care, or any other related field will turn up to be a boon.

Also, there are other healthcare careers, like home health aides, diagnostic medical sonographers, occupational therapy assistants, and physical therapists, where one can choose to work. So far, all these careers must boost growth rates of 41% over the 2012 to 2022 decade.

Higher wages than average areas

For the individuals, who seek for the generous and stable income, can go for healthcare without any doubt. It is an excellent career option that can give substantial increments and handsome wages with every passing year.

An average pay scale of a community healthcare worker is usually between 32000-45000 depending on the specialization area and city where the person is on duty.

Various job prospects to select

Medical is not just limited to doctors and nurses. It’s a massive sector with varying jobs and roles according to the specialization of the person. Even the hospitals are divided into different working sections where there’s a need for healthcare managers, hospital administrators, clinical lab technicians, medical assistants, pharmacists, surgeons, general practitioners, radiation therapists, and much more. There are plenty of errands to choose from and acquire the degree for it to earn the opportunity.

Sustainability in the future

With different job outcomes, patient care aspects, and several other things, healthcare is imperishable. Professionals working in the medical sector, do have a secure future and a growing career for life span. Never-ending work, upgrading medical facilities, etc. gives a long-run continuity to this field.

HealthCare IT

HealthCare IT has bringing lot of changes in managing hospital, health, pharmacy. The Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning started to perform the Evidence Based Medicine in practice. Telemedicine has been pushed in large scale. By all these due factors, which will create a lot of Job Opportunities for budding youngsters.


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