Implementation of New Functionality in iPC Health Platform Mr Mukesh Kumar Parida

Healthcare sector today is undergoing rapid transformation in terms of quality service delivery, technology, operations and workforce management. One of the key concerns that the hospitals face today is that ‘whether the hospital staff is well aware of the latest developments in their field and if they have the necessary training with the equipment and procedures. Structured and effective induction and training programs can help new employees become productive quickly and adapt to the organization’s methods and culture. Skill development plays an important role in improving employee productivity. Hospitals need an end-to-end solution to deliver training, incorporate assessments, and provide real-time reports.

iPC health is a digital content and learning delivery solution specially designed for hospital in Asia, to improve healthcare outcomes by fulfilling the training, development and compliance needs of healthcare professional. iPC Health deployed in various hospital. In first phase we onboard all the user both clinical and technical from the hospital. Users from hospital having admin role can manage all the functionality under iPC health platform like user updating, assignment creation, generating report etc. So, users are enrolling under a hospital URL can able to access those assignment, when they left the organization, they should not able to access those resources.

We have only deactivated option to through which a user can only be deactivated. But it can’t be possible to deactivate the inactive users in the portal. So, there is requirement came from end user to have a delete functionality, so that they can be able to delete the user when needed.

We use Agile approach and SCRUM methodology helps the team to deliver the product in short cycles, enabling fast feedback, continual improvement, and rapid adaptation to change. Any new requirement comes in it will go to product backlog in User story format.

A user story is the smallest unit of work in an agile framework. It is an end goal, not a feature, expressed from the software user’s perspective. So, after getting the requirement for delete functionality from end user I presented the requirement in a user story format and wrote all possible acceptance criteria through which it will fulfil the end user need.


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